Nowadays, numerous medical training institutes associated with healthcare services have been established all over Indian Continent. But few of them can claim themselves as best since they provide extensive knowledge in this field of education. Kabiguru Nursing Institute is providing the best nursing Courses in Birbhum, an institute founded on the principles of honesty and transparency in both the sectors of Education and Healthcare

The Institution is built on a sprawling campus in Bolpur, where every amenity that facilitates a studious environment is looked after. The board offers stellar guidance as the students pursue different courses under one roof under the supervision of a talented team of faculty members.

Mission and Vision

Kabiguru Nursing Institute has only one mission, and that is to via developing the medical science field of our country. And they want to do it via:-

    1. Emerging as a centre of Excellence and the leader in health sciences research.
    2. Bridging the gap between demand and supply of the specialized manpower and technology in health sciences in India.
    3. Set a standard of quality education in the medical sciences field in the country.

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