Mission and Vision

Our Mission

  • Train students with the goal of developing competent, compassionate and driven healthcare professionals.
  • Provide the best academic service and professional guidance to all students
  • Help students graduate as well-rounded, inquisitive and successful individuals.

Our Vision

    • Nursing students highlighted the following categories when asked to describe their vision for the future of nursing:


    • More affordable nursing schools with fewer multiple choice based exams
    • Fewer clinical & school specific fees
    • Transportation
    • Attire: Scrubs, shoes, stethoscope
    • More resources for nurses to complete research
    • Increased emphasis on policy, design thinking, and community health
    • Funding for graduate programs
    • More mentorship opportunities for career paths outside of the clinical realm


    • Improved work environments for nurses
    • Safer work environments
    • Emphasis placed on wellness in the nursing profession
    • No more tolerance for bullying
    • Nurses feel more comfortable to network
    • More respect and recognition for nursesand their accomplishments
    • Acceptance of job positions outside ofacute care
    • Increased diversity in the nursing workforce


      • Nurses improving patient outcomes by following evidence-based practice
      • Better nurse-to-patient ratios
      • Improved care coordination
      • Nurses integrated more greatly into community health beyond the bedside
      • Caring for patients without the thought or stress of finances